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artist|Kelvin Kyung Kun Park Won the Mecenat Award(Documentaries) at the BIFF 2018


Congratulations to Kelvin Kyung Kun Park won the Mecenat Award(Documentaries) at the BIFF 2018



The 23rd Busan International Film Festival has been hold from Oct.4th to 13th 2018 at Haeuntae Busan Korea. Artist Kelvin Kyung Kun Park  participated the Busan International Film Festival 2018 with his latest 89min Documentary Film “Army”.  The work: “Army ” is a portrait of soldiers who serve in the mandatory military service. The relationship between the individual and the collective is rather paradoxical. The video details the intricate bodily movements and emotions of individuals who form a collective body. Unnerving images describe an individual body entangled to the collective, to show an individual body that is divisible.




Kelvin Kyung Kun Park,  ARMY, 89min , 2018