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artist | Yuki Onodera Photo Exhibition – KYOTO MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY


Yuki_Onodera_Clothes_No07 Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper, 115 x 115 cm (and 60 x 50 cm) 1994


Yuki Onodera Photo Exhibition

Artist: Yuki Onodera


Spacial Collaboration: Art U

Duration: Oct 31 – Nov 24,2018

Address: 374-2 Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan




Kyoto Museum of Photograph will presentartist Yuki Onodera’s solo exhibition from October 31st (Wednesday)to November 24th (Saturday).


Yuki Onodera, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962, has lived and worked in Paris as well as been active worldwide since 1993. In 2003, she won the 28th Ibein Kimura Award. In the same year, she won the most prestigious French photography award, the Prix Niépce .


Onodera’s works are not constrained by the existing definition of photograph: In Portrait of Second-hand Clothing, she makes portraits of second-hand clothes with the persons wearing them absent from the picture frame; in her Camera series, she uses cameras to take photos of cameras; in How to Make a Pearl, she installs aglass ball inside a box camera. By exporting the human mind, she reconstructs daily activities into contemporary art with her rich creativity and intelligence in arts. On the other hand, she is also one of the people who are influenced by photography the most: through processing and editing the pictures, anti-photography and other small “pranks”, she creates a new world of image and shows us a new perspective with its mysterious charm.


15 original photographs from her three major series, Portrait of Second-hand Clothes, Camera and How to Make a Pearl, will be shown in the exhibition.