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ARTIST | Bi Rongrong, Fang Di and Yi Xin Tong will participate in “Extreme Mix” Guangzhou Airport Biennale




Selected Works:


Bi Rongrong    Ideal&Useless Space2   Acrylic on wal, Size: site-specific, 2019


This mural painting was originated from my painting “Ideal&Useless Space“. It was once transformed into a small bazaar space in a market, and the small shop became a useless but idealized painting space. Today the painting is extended to teh surface of a khaki-colored building that looks like a temporary house or office, creating a new real space. Whether this real space is closely related to the real environment, whether it can be used as a way to measure the environment is the topic that the series Ideal&Useless Space is trying to discuss.




 Yi Xin Tong     Short Films    GIFs,465 X 333 Pixel,2013


Short Films is a series of GIF images narrating short stories or depicting scenes. The archival photographs were collected from the Ohio State University Byrd Polar Research Center. When combined into sequences, the original contexts of the photographs were slightly shifted to build new narratives (usually humorous or insignificant by appearance) that could happen in the remote place Antarctica. They are mostly romantic or of a wry humor, concerning landscape, the figure in landscape, survival, and the amplification of silence or detail.



希望之城的终点 The Destination to Promising Land 01

Fang Di      The Destination to Promising Land    Video , 33’55” , 2017


Promising Land Is about African migrants andadventurers leaving their hometown to a different place for a better life. Butdo they find success and fulfillment? The different perspective of charactersrevealed the question and history about Africans migrants in different socialstrata in the city of Guangzhou starting from the beginning of 21th century.They teach us to re-think the phenomenonitself it not only a reflection of the galloping increased immigration. Thequestion of reality open the memory gate for African migrants from differentpart of the world. It becomes to questioning where can make more money, where isour home.




 Exhibition View:




On-site view of Bi Rongrong’s work





On-site view of  Yi Xin Tong’s work




On-site view of  Fang Di ‘s work