Vanguard gallery

Yi Xin Tong: NYC Fishing Journal


NYC Fishing Journal

Overall dimensions variable, Container size: 5.75 in × 13.5 in × 7 in (14.6 cm × 34.3 cm ×17.8 cm)

Edition:15 + 5 A.P.

With Certificate and signature by the artist


Price(RMB): 11,000





Recently, GONG PRESS  introduced its newpublication, NYC Fishing Journal, byYi Xin Tong. In a limited edition of 15, the Journal presents personal images and notes from 62 out of hundredsof Tong’s fishing trips taken between 2015 and 2018 in New York. And you can also purchase one of them through the store at vanguard gallery.


With more than 200 images, 3 flipbooks of videostills, duplicates of his fishing licenses, and other related objects, the Journal offers a glimpse into Tong’sfishing trips around the city. Photos are printed in various sizes, bundledloosely using fish lines, tagged and arranged according to Tong’s organizinghabits. Boxed up in a transparent case, the publication materializes Tong’sdigital archive, while it also suggests the form of a memory box, a treasurecase, and a fish tank.(Part of the text comes from  GONG PRESS)