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Frank WANG Yefeng



Frank WANG Yefeng is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher, and digital nomad situated in-between New York City and Shanghai. Initially trained as a sculptor, Yefeng’s interdisciplinary practice spans a wide range of media, including video installation, experimental 3D animation, painting, drawing, and writing. His art explores the experience of “in-betweenness” that arises from a nomadic transnational existence. Interweaving physical and digital realms, his projects critically examine fixed identity formations, the genealogies of racialized others, and the alienation of people and objects in dominant cultural and technological narratives. Yefeng’s storytelling features whimsical animated characters to challenge cultural norms. They confront and mock their historical stereotypes with playful language. Through uncanny inhumanism, they seek strategies for reimagining the diasporic self while scrutinizing the historical consumption of an othered representation.







The Levitating Perils (2022)

Experimental 3D animation with sound, Outdoor Projection Installation, Sculpture













BIRDS Volume II: Slow Spectre (2021)

Experimental 3D animation, HD single-channel video, Outdoor billboards | 2’40”











BIRDS Volume II: SO SAD (2021)

Experimental 3D animation, HD single-channel video | 4’00”












The Groundless Protag (2019-)

Motion capture, HD Videos, 3D Animation, Infinite Loop












The House of the Solitary (2020)

3D animation, Multi-channel video with sound, Writing; Infinite Loop











The House of the Solitary-The Phrases 3 2020) 

Computer Assisted Digital Photography|55 ×55 cm   









The cell phone 2020)

The Cell Phone: Photopolymer 3D printing, Cement casting, QR code|15 x 9 x 6.5 cm











The Drifting Stages 012016)

Video installation, 3D animation, infinite loop










The Drifting Stages 02 (2016)

 Archival inkjet print on Semi-gloss photo paper, 51 x 120 cm