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Period: August 21-September 4, 11:00–18:00, 2021

Vanguard Talks Session 1: August 21, 15:30, 2021

Venue: Vanguard Gallery, Rm 204, Bldg 4A, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 62993523



Video art has been of great interest to Vanguard Gallery since the gallery’s inception. For more than a decade, the gallery has been collaborating with video-based artists in a multitude of approaches and perspectives, and witnessing, alongside the creators and the viewers, the transformation of video art in conceptual and technical terms, the more profound understanding of the medium itself, and its ever-expanding cultural and social contexts. Nowadays, either in artistic creation or as a daily occurrence, moving images have gained prominence in terms of expression, cognition and memory formation—experience constructed with time and image, and stored on analogue or digital media. Emerged out this context, Vanguard Gallery will initiate Durational, a long-anticipated video program. For two weeks in high summer, Durational is curated to present exceptional films and videos from the past decades, including those created by the gallery’s representing artists as well as a distinct portfolio of works previously featured in exhibitions and programs across the globe.


Durational is accompanied by the first edition of Vanguard Talks with five sessions led by five artists and film makers. This set of programs is keen to reveal what creators of films and videos see in this particular medium and the content it denotes. The audience is invited to explore how video is interfering with our reality today, and dive into the minds of the artists as they lay out their own perspectives into a world that evolves around moving images. The format of the programs is designed so that the speakers and the audience are equally engaged in conversations that are mutually intriguing and inspiring.



Aníbal López/ Antoni Muntadas/ Hsu Che-Yu/

Hyunseon Kang/ Li Baojiu/ Sun Xun/ Susan Mogul/ Suzanne Lacy/

Tao Hui/ Yi Xin Tong/ Zhu Changquan 






FangDi:Rules for Modern Life,or rather, a Modern Survival Guide



Zhu Changquan:Only Memory, No Landscape



Tang Chao:zypyj lgj l



Lim Pok Yin:

Looking into our ‘forever-postponed futures’, through the permanent shutdown of the Matrix Online massively multiplayer role-playing game



Li Baojiu: Tenant of Art