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ARTIST | Tang Chao’s latest work exhibited in Glow Shenzhen 2021


Within Space-Time, We Walk Through Images


Glow Shenzhen 2021 – Futian
2021.12.18 – 2022.2.18
Curated & Produced by: Art YAN + AURA Project


Tang Chao exhibited his thematic new commission artwork “Us, amid Nature and After Nature” for Glow Shenzhen – Futian, 2021.


The work unfolds itself in a dynamic, poetic way. When staring at time, we see the sun rising with baby-cheek pink and then setting with golden glows. The clouds are polished with changing colors, and the mid-day white beams widen the horizon. If we focus our eyes on the trajectory of the sun reflected on the wavy water, we see the pupils of the fish swimming under the water. Etherealized as our vision becomes, history also starts to buoyant. Vertebrates evolve into homo sapien, followed by the shadows. We learn to embrace dark nights and distinguish between different shades of darkness. From time to time, we accelerate the exploitation and build our cities with bugs chirping in the background. There are whispers, and there are blood and deaths alongside that journey. We even start to virtualize our bodies in the world of computers. Are what we see all real? What would humans become in the future? The video keeps a rhythm of breaths, revealing no standard answers during intervals. It only sets stages, one after another, that connect dreams, present, past and future through sound and images. At the end of the journey, languages are given up. We walk in the forests and dance in the reflection of high-rise facades. All things follow their preset orders. All things obtain their identities accordingly, in the flow of time…


Us, amid Nature and After Nature (Single screen version), color, sound, 14’50’’, 2021

Us, amid Nature and After Nature (Five screen version) 1#./ Origin, color, sound, duration varies, 2021

Installation view