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ARTIST | Frank Wang Yefeng’s work in Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art





The 2022 Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual Exhibition for Regional Networking and Exchange titled “Hug, Nestling the Drifting World”, presents works by Frank Wang Yefeng and other four artists, who have been exploring existentialism, in the face of the drifting world that have been dismantling the absolute values of human society, and the related self or human survival methods. Each artist involved takes their respective accumulation of life experiences to lay bare the absurd and fantastical world that would unravel when the rational and emotional human being with a will and desire faces an existential anxiety. The exhibition presents unfamiliar yet familiar scenes created through two and three dimensional works, 3D animations and videos. It is the ineffable new reality of this day and age that shows no sign of boundaries.






Birds VolumeII- Slow Spectre(2021)
HD Single channel video, 2’40”, 3D animantion, 2.1 sound



The piece is inspired by a discursive road trip in a remote area in Europe. Away from the primary highroads and large chain gas stations, an absurd bird-shaped mannequin is accidentally encountered at a humble café on a country roadside. The mannequin endlessly waves at the passing vehicles without receiving a response. In the animation, the character appears as an invisible ghost who levitates on the road. It witnesses its surroundings while constantly being neglected. Its sedate sense of time is in contrast to the constant acceleration of the passengers under its eyes.





(Photo Credit Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art and Artist)




About the Artist

Born in Shanghai in 1984, Frank Wang Yefeng currently lives and works between Providence (RI, USA) and New York (NY, USA). His recent solo exhibitions include: “Slow Spectre”, SEAGER, London, UK (2022); “The Levitating Perils”, Chazan Gallery at Wheeler, Providence, RI, The USA (2022); “On Hold”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China; “The Expelled New”, Multispace NYC, New York, US (2020). He also attended the following group exhibitions: Boomerang – OCAT Biennale 2021, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China (2021); “Liminal Pavilion”, Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok, Thailand (2020); “World on Fire”, Supernova Animation Festival 2020, Denver Digerati, Colorado, USA (2020); “Resonance”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China (2020); International Festival Les Instants Video, Marseilles, France (2018); “Liminality”, The Border Project Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA (2018).