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Vanguard Gallery is pleased to present works by Chen Xingye, Liao Fei, Xiao Jiang and Yuki Onodera for the first edition of Foundations Online Fair by Artsy, from July 11th through August 8th. Foundations, a new online fair curated by Artsy, spotlights fresh works from tastemaking galleries known for supporting emerging artists. This year’s fair includes presentations from more than 100 galleries across four continents, featuring rising and underrecognized talents from across the globe.




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Chen Xingye


The paintings of Chen Xingye reveal his fascination towards apes, creatures that have mirror effect for human beings. The artist uses contemporary expression to describe his imagination for the primeval age as a modern man, but also for the future. The exaggerated muscular body is undoubtedly the totem of primitive power. Is there same connection between the primeval age and present under the illusion of power? “Ape” is just the object of imagination, thus these imagined images reflect our self-examination and the balance between ourselves and present environment, reality and nihility, past and future.




Finger at the Moon

Color ink on paper|110 x 79 cm|2018




About the Artist >

Chen Xingye was born in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province in 1987. He graduated from Animation department of Tianjin University. Now works and lives in Beijing. Recent exhibitions include: “A Bee’s Wing Dropping Onto Your Cheek”, Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2023); Beijing Contemporary Chen Xingye solo project, Beijing, China (2021); “High Fidelity”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2020); “Pieces”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2017).






Xiao Jiang


At the first glance at Xiao Jiang’s works, one would be encompassed with the sharp atmosphere. Something is left unsaid by his works, expressing the power in silence. Xiao Jiang’s works have drawn materials from episodes of movies and real life which are so familiar to people that are easily ignored. Under the artist’s unique perspective, they are developed, reconfigured and coordinated. The eye is allured by the Xiao Jiang’s paintings’ ever-changing perspectives and multilayered scenes in which subtle motions were portrayed with moist or dry brushstrokes. Xiao Jiang employs contrasting placid colors to render a hazy atmosphere and dissolves the subjects into geometric color blocks. For Xiao Jiang, the seemingly insignificant leisure and mundaneness caught in the interlude of daily scenes possesses a distinctive aura. Xiao takes inspiration from reality but structures them into an absolute fantasy world, leading the audience to dislocated visionary feelings.





Oil on Canvas|120x100cm|2014




About the Artist >

Xiao Jiang was born in Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province in 1977. He studied at China Academy of Art from 2000 to 2003. He now lives and works in Shanghai. His recent solo exhibitions include: “Continuous Passage”, Karma, New York, USA (2022); The Distant Mountains, Platform China, Beijing (2021); “Mountains Aside”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai (2021); An Inward Odyssey, Lianhua Apartment, Shanghai, China (2021); “In Common”, LEO Gallery, Hong Kong, China (2020); “Right in Sight”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai (2018); “MOUNTAINS”, MOCUBE, Beijing (2017). He also attended the following group exhibitions: “Upstairs Cities”, ASE Art Space, Shanghai, China (2023); “Lost in Translation”, Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong, China (2023); “Spring Fever 2021”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China (2021); “Work and Wait in Silence – Mocube Five-Year Anniversary Exhibition”, MOCUBE, Beijing, China (2020); “A Turning Moment”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China (2019); “The Kind Stranger”, UNArt Center, Shanghai, China (2019); “Incandescence”, BIG SPACE x Chino gallery, Shanghai, China (2019); “Decoherence”, ShanghART M50, Shanghai, China (2017). 







Liao Fei


Liao Fei explores the relationship and tension in materials in his works – between reality and geometry, between cognition and mysticism, between duality and simplification. Following the kernel of “material”, the creation of Liao Fei has always been alert to the rule itself and its consequent “truth”, aspiring to approximate the essence of the material in a more practical approach. While drawing attention to the broader concepts related to these relationships, his works also reveal the metaphysical temperament contained in everyday materials. Consequent to Liao Fei’s multifaceted lens, material forms that are generally imperceptible or habitually disregarded manage to gain visibility, providing thus stage for original insight of human cognitive construction and operation.




Particle Diffraction (4C) NO.7

Oil on canvas|100x100cm|2019




About the Artist >

Liao Fei was born in Jiangxi in 1981. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 2006. He is now based in Shanghai. His recent solo exhibitions include: “Physics temple”, Vanguard Gallery × Tihho Art Space, Shanghai, China; Art Basel Hong Kong solo project at Vanguard booth, Hong Kong, China (2023); “Depiction”, The Cloister Project, Shanghai, China (2021—2022); “Is everything a contingent occurence”, OCAT Shanghai, China (2021); “Res Extensa”, Vanguard Gallery X O Art Center, Shanghai, China (2018); “Plain”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China (2016); “Perspective”, YveYang Gallery, Boston, USA (2016); “The Equater”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2016). He also participated in the following group exhibitions: “A Journey of Love and Memory”,Being Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2022—2023); “Being Theoria: 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art”, Zhejiang Art Muesuem, Zhejiang, China (2022); “Warehouse Story VIII — On Your Mark!”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2022); “Silent Thunder”, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (2021); “Dis-/Continuing Traditions: Contemporary Video Art from China”, Salamanca Arts Centre, Stamania, Australia (2021); “The C”, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China (2020); “ANNEALING”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, China (2020); “In the Open or in Stealth—The Unruly Presence of an Intimate Future”, MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (2018); “Botanic Project, Busan Museum of Art”, Busan, Korea (2018); “Frontier:Re-assessment of Post-Globlisational Politics”, OCAT Institute, Beijing, China (2018); “The 5th Huayu Youth Award”, Huayu Art Center, Sanya, China (2017); “Today’s Yesterday—Anren Biennial”, OCAT, Chengdu, China (2017); “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017”, UCCA, Beijing, China (2017); “Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories”, The 11th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, China (2016–2017).







Yuki Onodera


Yuki Onodera is an artist who masters photography that takes form in contemporary art. She uses methods such as clipping newspaper, and machining the works while completing her creation using silver salts photography. She uses any possible method to realize her works, whether this means taking photographs with a marble inside her camera, or creating a story out of a legend and traveling to the ends of the earth to shoot it. Onodera’s experimental work, which does not fit within schemas of “photography” often poses two questions: what is photography, and what can be done through it?




How to Make a Pearl No.19

Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper mounted on canvas

215×152 cm, Ed. 3; 60x50cm, Ed.12|1994




About the Artist >

Yuki Onodera was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. Now Lives and works in Pairs. Her recent solo exhibitions include: “Here, No Ballon”, 2023 French May Arts Festival, wamono art, Hongkong, China (2023); “La clairvoyance du hasard”, Center of Photography of Mougins, France (2022); “Here, No Ballon”, Ricoh Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2022); “Burning with Desire”, ICICLE SPACE, Shanghai, China (2020), “To Where”, Yumiko Chiba Associates Viewing Room, Tokyo, Japan (2020); “From Where”, The Ginza Space, Tokyo, Japan (2020); “Everywhere Photographs”, ZEIT-FOTO Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan (2020); “Paris Photo”, Grand Palais Paris, Paris, France (2019); “The Bird Escaped from Camera Where to Go? ”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2018); “Yuki Onodera”, Kido Press, Tokyo, Japan (2018); “Yuki Onodera”, Kyoto Museum of Photography, Kyoto, Japan (2018). 

She also attended the following group exhibitions: “Warehouse Story VIII—On Your Mark! “, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2022); “Sagacho Exhibit Space 1983–2000: Fixed-Point Observation of Contemporary Art”, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan (2020); “Pictures from another wall”, De Pont Museum, Tilburg, Nederland (2020); “Photography? Why?”, Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Comptoir des Mines Gallery, Palace el Badi, Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco (2019); “Contemporary Photography and City: From a Forgotten Perspective”, Min Sheng Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2019); “Genealogy of Pop Art”, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka, Japan (2019);“NMAO collection with Alberto Giacometti II”, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan (2019); “Fashion in Images”, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Japan (2019); “L’Antichambre”, Centre GeorgeV Art Center, Beijing, China (2019); “Contemporary Art II”, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan (2019); “The Objects’ Shadow—Sensory Spaces”, Artisan Lofts Gallery, New York (2019); “Genealogy of Pop Art”, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka, Japan (2019); “A Beautiful Moment”, Huis Marseille Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2018). Her works are held in collections around the world, including those of Centre Georges Pompidou, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Shanghai Art Museum and The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.