Vanguard gallery

Dai Zhankun

Dai Zhankun


born in Jiujiang, China in 1995

currently lives and works in Shanghai





Recent exhibitions:

2024   “An Unlikely Menagerie And The Resulting Chaos”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2023   “At Sunrise and Sunset, Tides Rise and Fall”, Qimu Space, Beijing

2022   “THE EXHIBITION OF ANNUALOF CONTEMPORARY ART OF CHINA SHANGHAI”, Shanghai Doland Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

2022   “Spicy Gluten and Youth Power: A Generational Insight”, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou

2022   “Fairytale of Carrots”, Paral, Hangzhou;

2022   “WAVELENGTH: Vi3ion x”, Lizhu Art Space, Hunan; 2021 “Ultimate High Ground”, 33ml offspace, Shanghai

2021   “La Menagarie royale de Versailles”, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai

2021   “DOMO CARNIVAL”, West Bund Dome, Shanghai; 2021 “Hereditary domain”, Powerlong Museum

2021   Personal Project, M50 PEARLONA COMMON ROOM, Shanghai

2021   ”Freefall”, 33ml offspace, Shanghai

2020   West Bund Art & Design DREAM video, Shanghai

2020   “Back Light”, 33ml offspace, Shanghai

2020   “Speed Limit Scenery”, SEEYOO Art Space, Hangzhou

2019   “Chelsea Summer Show”, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2019   “Late at Tate Britain”, Tate Britain, London

2019   Sympathetic Visage, London

2019   “Zhankun Dai/ Jingxiang Liang”, Galerie 106, London