Vanguard gallery

Liao Fei


Res Extensa Pearl No.5Paper clay, wire, reinforced concrete,16 x 15 x 22 cm,2017






排列生成7_Permutation Generation No.7_纸,色粉笔,油性马克笔,彩色铅笔_Paper, pastel, Oil mark pen, color pencil_143 x 127 cm_2018

Permutation Generation No.7Paper, pastel, Oil mark pen, color pencil,143 x 127 cm,2018







Res Extensa Sculpture No.4, Wire, marble, 18 x 15 x 3 cm, 2017









Segmentation No.2Paper, color pencil,44 x 44 cm x 3,2017








Sphere,  Time pieces,steel plate, 600 x 30 cm,2017







Infinitely Approaching Flatness,Wood,Dimensions variable,2017







Liao Fei "A Dotted Line Extented", Photo, Dimension Variable, 2016

A Dotted Line Extented, Photo, Dimension variable, 2016






Liao Fei "Continuious Plan", 10mm Tempered glass, 2.2x2.2x2.2m, 2016

Continuious Plan, 10mm Tempered glass, 2.2×2.2×2.2m, 2016






Liao Fei "Plate", 8mm tempered glass, blockboard, timber, 27.56x7.83x3m, 2016

Plate, 8mm Tempered glass, blockboard, timber, 27.56×7.83×3m, 2016






Liao Fei "A Transitory Vacuum Sculpture", Single HD Video, 9'44", 2015

A Transitory Vacuum Sculpture, Single HD video, 9’44”, 2015






Liao Fei "A Straight Line Extended", Marble, steel plate, concrete base, 275cm x 70cm x 160cm, 2015

A Straight Line Extended, Marble, steel plate, concrete base, 275cm×70cm×160cm, 2015






Liao Fei "The equator", Oil on Canvas, 80 x 60cm, 2015

The Equator, Oil on canvas, 80 x 60cm, 2015




Liao Fei "Move No.1", Photo, 140 x 110 cm, 2013

Move No.1, Photo, 140 x 110 cm, 2013






Liao Fei "Create 4 Shadow of the Ball Arm", Photo, 143×180cm, 63×80cm, 2013

Create 4 Shadow of the Ball Arm, Photo, 143×180cm, 63×80cm, 2013