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Gabriel LESTER




Gabriel Lester’s works across various disciplines including music, cinema, installation, sculpture, architecture and performance. Many of his works evolve around the very nature of the media of our time, and transform the space and time through meticulously altering the media and narrative forms. Strongly influenced by cinema and mime, Gabriel Lester’s works challenge the reality of perception and stimulate on collective imagination through constructing and creating theatrical illusions. “My work represents a field of tension.” Lester has explained. “It is either implicitly narrative, explicitly visual or both at the same time. My works of art rarely convey a single explicit message or idea, rather they suggest ways to relate to the world.”







Pots trauma   High precision photosensitive resin 3D printing, spray|2018









Aeon-Sun     Video|11’10 ” |2017










Hiding in Plain Sight    Inkjet print |120 × 180 cm /40 × 60 cm|2013






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