Vanguard gallery

kelvin Kyung kun Park

Double Mirror,Video,13‘,2019





Terrestial Locomotion, Kinetic  Installation,  2019




ARMY 600,000 军队:600,000 Single Channel Video 单频影像 17min 2016

ARMY 600,000, Single Channel Video, 17min, 2016







Stairway to Heaven 天国的阶梯 Live Video Performance Installation 现场视频表演装置 30 min 2016

Stairway to Heaven ,Live Video Performance Installation ,30 min, 2016









A Dream of Iron 铁梦 Video Installation 影像装置 100min 2015

 A Dream of Iron , Video Installation, 100min 2015









Bones, Inject Print with Steel Frame,164x110cm, 2013









Cathedral, Inject Print with Steel Frame,164x110cm, 2013








Cheonggyecheon Medley 清溪川 Video Installation 影像装置 79min 2010

Cheonggyecheon MedleyVideo Installation,79min, 2010