Vanguard gallery

Liao Fei

Liao Fei  



1981   Born in Jiangxi, China

2002   Graduated from Shanghai Normal University, China

Based in Shanghai



Solo Exhibitions:

2021    Is everything a contingent occurrence?, OCAT Shanghai, Shanghai, Chin

2018    Res Extensa, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016    Plain, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China

2016    Perspective, YveYang Gallery, Boston, USA

2016    The Equater, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015   This Sentence is False: Liao Fei’ s solo Exhibition, PIFO Gallery, Beijing, China

2013    Surface Material Motion, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China



Group Exhibitions:

2021   Symphony of Gravity & Harshness, G+Art Space, Wuyishan, China

2021   Silent Thunder, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2019   Warehouse Story VI, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2019   EXIT PLAN, SNAP Art Center, Shanghai, China

2018   In the Open or in Stealth – The Unruly Presence of an Intimate Future, MACBA Museu d’Art  Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2018   Botanic Project, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2018   Frontier: Re-assessment of Post-Globlisational Politics, OCAT Institute, Beijing, China

2017   the 5th Huayu Youth Award, Huayu Art Center, Sanya, China

2017   Shanghai Galaxy Ⅱ, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China

2017   Today’s Yesterday – Anren Biennial, OCAT, Chengdu, China

2017   All happens after sunset…, MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai

2017   Any Ball,CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2017   The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017, UCCA, Beijing

2016   I can’t do more than I do, Ginkgo Space, Beijing,China

2016   WHY NOT ASK AGAIN-11th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

2016   I CAN NOT SEE, V Space, Shanghai, China

2016   WE- A Community of Chinese contemporary Artists, chi K11Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015    ART021, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

2015   Void: There’s nothing more left, but a little trace from human being, Ginkgo Space, Beijing, China

2015   Things – In – Itself, The Invisible Feeling of Deprival, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China

2015   Resolution, SVA-NYC Art Platform, Shanghai, China

2015   Hammer Hammer Peng!, A307, Beijing, China

2014    Art Festival, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China

2014    Art in the City, K11, Shanghai, China

2014    Get It Louder, Beijing, China

2014    Nihilistic Belief, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China

2014    New Power, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

2014    Art14 London(Art14 Project), London, UK

2014    Art Stage Singapore(China Platform), Singapore

2014    The 7th A+A :Too Smart To Be Good, PIFO Gallery, Beijing, China

2014    Social Meditation -The good person of Szechwan, Education of the German Consulate-General Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2013    Shanghai Surprise, K11, Shanghai, China

2013    + Follow 2013 – Existence, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China, ART COLOGNE, Germany,

2013    Spectacle–12 presentations of contemporary museum architecture in China, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

2013    Current, The Bund No. 18, Shanghai, China

2013    Sun, V Art Center, Shanghai, China

2013    Drawing Expression and Limited, Art Museum of Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

2013    Evolution: A Question (Museum of Unknown project), Yuan Space, Beijing, China

2013    Immersive Environment, Xi’an, China

2012    Daily of concept – The Fifth Shanghai Duo lun Youth Art Exhibition, Duo lun Museum,         Shanghai, China

2012    All tomorrow’s parties, V Art Center, Shanghai, China

2012    SEE/SAW Collective Practice In China NowMuseum of Unknown project, UCCA, Beijing

2012    Get It Louder, Beijing, China

2012    Conscious Folly, AM Space, Shanghai, China

2012    Zhujiajiao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2012    SH Contemporary 2012, Shanghai, China

2012    Pulse Reaction ( Museum of Unknown project, Time Museum, Guangzhou, China

2012    Young Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2012     “Party” Social Meditation Museum of Unknown project, Galleria Dell’Arco, Shanghai

2012    Chinese Young Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition, 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012    The Halo Effect, V Art Center, Shanghai, China

2012     In-Sight, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011     Shell Economy, World Financial Center, Shanghai, China

2011     A Museum That Is Not, Time museum, Guangdong, China

2011     Super OrganismMuseum of Unknown project Swirl), CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

2011     PatternMuseum of Unknown project, 798 Art space, Beijing, China

2011     Hand Sense, V Art Center, Shanghai, China

2011     Decoration, Arrow factory, Beijing, China

2011     Follow (Museum of Unknown project “coral”), Moca Museum, Shanghai, China

2011     Yun Lang project, Galleria Dell’Arco, Shanghai, China

2011     Auto Restart, Shanghai, China

2010    Meditation SeatMuseum of Unknown project, Art House, Shanghai, China

2010    The Youth Sales Store, Fine Arts Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010    What We Talk About When We Talk About Art, Bizart Art Center, Shanghai, China

2010    Use Manuscript, Shift Art Station, Shanghai, China

2010    Solitaire, Shift Art Station, Shanghai, China

2010    Get it louder (Museum of Unknown project the Room of Utopia), Beijing, China

2010    Floating Clouds, Galleria Dell’Arco, Shanghai, China

2010    Small Beauty, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China

2009    East West Sudden Impulse, Stereoscopic Gallery, Tianjin, China

2009    The youth Sales Store, M50 CreativeSpace, Shanghai, China

2008    Absurd to Be True, Tu Shan Wan Museum, Shanghai, China

2008    Safety First, Fei Art Center, Shanghai, China

2008    Hui Hua Fei Fa hui, Shanghai, China

2008    We Are the World, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007    Young Urban Citizens, Art Scene Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007    Hand sense, Shanghai, China

2006    Guilin Landscape, Urban Sculpture Art Center, Shanghai, China

2005    Piano Room, Shanghai, China

2004     Do You Need Art, Shanghai, China

2004    Search by Map, Shanghai, China

2003    Sculpture workshop, Invisible Gallery, Shanghai, China