Vanguard gallery

Liu Fei

Liu Fei


1969 Born in Hubei Province

1995 Graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Currently bases in Shanghai


Solo Exhibitions:

2013   Joke, 9 Space, Beijing

2009   Assume A Pose, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2008   10 Foreigners who Influenced me   Special project of Scope London, UK

2007    …Outside Painting, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2007   Solo Exhibition, Deke Erh Art Center, Shanghai

2006   Solo Exhibition, Deke Erh Art Center, Shanghai


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2024   Vanguard Onwards”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2024

2014   Warehouse Story – The 10th Anniversary of Vanguard Gallery I, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2013   Warehouse Story II, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2012   Hi, Pop art-everyone can be an artist, Halcyon Gallery, Shanghai

2012   International Outdoor Art Exhibition of 2012 DMZ Art Festival, Seokjang-ri Art Museum, Shanghai

2012   Young Art Taipei, Taipei

2012   Secret 7, Stage-back Gallery, Shanghai

2011    We:You, 117 Inout Club, Shenzhen

2011    Join in the Fun, Vanguard gallery, Shanghai

2011    CIGE, Beijing

2010   Summit of the six, Vanguard gallery, Shanghai

2010   In the blink of an eye, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2010   Care To Dance? , Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2009   Createinstall, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2008   Gap, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2007   Fabrica: Les Yeux Ouverts/Centre Pompidou, Shanghai Art Museum

2007   What makes Shanghai Addictive, Germany

2007   Korean-Chinese Youth art exhibition, Korea

2007   Soul Beautiful, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2007   Tah-Dah, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2006   Fire out–group exhibition, H Gallery, Bangkok

2006   MDMI Contemporary Art Exhibition, Korea

2006   Satellite06  Contemporary Art & Design Exhibition, Shanghai

2005   Outlook Art & Design Show, Shanghai

2005   Six Wigwams Installation Show, Shanghai

2005   Limitation & Freedom—Autumn Market, Art Literature Center, Wuhan

2004   Iksan Outdoor Installation Project, South Korea

2004   Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

2004   New Classic–Remention Academism The National Museum of China, Beijing

2002   It’s Shanghai, Hai Shang Shan Art Center, Shanghai

2002   It’s Began, T-art Loft, Shanghai