Vanguard gallery

Tang Chao


Tang Chao’s works include video, photography, performance, and installations. He focuses on capturing the moment when a unique relation between the artist and the one being shot is established. Tang Chao does not believe in objectivity, but he always believes that art means pursuing truthfulness. This sounds contradictory, because reality is not realism; it also includes reactive actions of an artist in a certain environment. Of course, for Tang Chao, using normal reactions as a form of work is debased. The key lies in the times when one person uses the ambiguity of language and to transform them into rhetoric power. Politics is to create an integral whole, and within it, everybody has to love the same street or the same tree. Art is to provide diversity: diversity in perception. Tang Chao thinks art and politics will reach settlement when the thing at discussion could be both political or not, including the publicity of the “event”: it oftentimes means personal senses. He believes that senses are also creation, though, because they could offer a “synesthesia” to connect with the audience. We cannot become others, but we can make others feel the same way as we do.






Single channel video, color, sound, 4K|  2’05’’ | 2021







Shimmer-Fountain   Photograph| 2021







Shimmer-Double Leopard

Watercolor, flock paper|27x 40cm|2021






 Butterfly Darkroom   Three Channels  Video| 11’07’’| 2019







太空人偶 Astronaut Doll 视频Video 2017

Astronaut Doll    Video|  10’01” |2017







Near Salt Lake    Video|  13’46”|  2017






三段切片,一个生活样本 Three Slices and One Life Sample 三屏录像 ThreeChannel Video2017


Three Slices and One Life Sample    Three Channel Video|2017







Refuge Island 2    Video|19’31”|2015 






 Days in Vain     Video|22’10’’|2014






Haircut     Video| 4’25’’|2014