Vanguard gallery

Yi Xin Tong

Yi Xin Tong (b.1988)


1988   Born in Lushan, China

2012-2014   MFA, Studio Art, New York University, New York, USA

2008-2012   BFA, Visual Art Honors, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

2005-2007   Geology, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China

Lives and works in New York, USA


Solo and Duo-Exhibitions

2023  “Ring over Pond over Tusks”, Candice Madey, New York, USA

2022  “Petrified Seas”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2022  “Environmental Love Manual”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2022  “Environnment, Mon Amour”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2020  “World River Atlas”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2019  “The Attraction Show – Origin of Ripples”, Snarte Space, Nanchang, China

2018  “Going Outside”, curated by Betti-Sue Hertz, NanHai Art, Millbrae, USA 

2017  “Alien”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2017  “NYC Fishing Trip”, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, USA

2016  “Strange New Health”, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2016  “Lots of Pulp”, SBC Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

2015  “Gas Station VIII: Rubber Trumpet”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2014  “Thin Air, Bright Light”, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014  “The Phenotypic Traits of Facets”, AVENUE, Vancouver, Canada

2013  “Claude Is Allergic to Unicorns”, 80 WSE Gallery, New York, USA


Group Exhibitions

2023  “Motion is Action – 35 Years of Chinese Media Art”, By Art Matters Museum, Hangzhou, China

2023  “NADA Miami”, Candice Madey, Miami, USA

2023  “Art Within Reach”, APSMUSEUM, Shanghai, China

2023  “At Sunrise and Sunset”, Tides Rise and Fall, curated by Boyan Li, Qi Mu Space, Beijing, China

2023  “White Holes”, curated by Yang Zi, 798CUBE, Beijing, China

2023  “Up in the Air”, curated by Lu Mingjun, Spurs Gallery, Beijing, China

2023  “Nián Nián: The Power and Agency of Animal Forms”, curated by Zi Yang, Deji Art Museum, Nanjing, China

2023  “Map of Dusk, Afternoon Projects”, Jinjiang Hotel, Shanghai, China

2023  “Layered Surface”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2022  “Beast, Chimera, Kin”, Hessel Museum of Art, New York, USA 

2021  “Death Ray on the Coral Island. Science Fiction and its Archeology”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

2021  “Boomerang – OCAT Biennale 2021”, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China

2021  “Durational”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2021  “Liquid Ground”, Para Site, Hong Kong, China

2021  “Being in the Void”, Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China      

2021  “From Checkers to Complex Systems”, Times Art Museum, Chengdu, China        

2020  “Meditations in an Emergency”, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China     

2020  “Object Play”, Underwater New York, New York, USA           

2020  “Catastrophic Beauty”, Qualia Contemporary Art, Palo Alto, USA        

2020  “One Tree Fifty Ideas”, OōEli, Hangzhou, China

2019  “Extreme Mix – Guangzhou Airport Biennial”, Guangzhou Ariport Resort,  Guanghzou, China 

2019  “BRIC Biennial III”, BRIC House, Brooklyn, USA

2019  “Disaster of Extra Epic Proportions”, curated by Alvin Li, chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai

2019  “Long March Project: The Deficit Faction”, Long March Space, Beijing, China

2019  “Adrift”, Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA

2019  “Long Day”, Aranya Art Centre, Qinhuangdao, China

2019  “Treasure Island Phantoms”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing, China

2019  “To Speculate, Of Nature”, NanHai Art, Millbrae, USA

2019  “Disappearing Archives”, Mocube, Beijing, China

2018  “Shadow as a Stain”, ACRE, Chicago, USA

2018  “Yanping Art Harvest in the Village”, Jiulong Village, China

2018  “The Ordinary and the Revolutionary: Landscapes of Mountain Huang and Mountain Lu”, Taikang Space, Beijing

2017  “ROADSIDE PICNIC”, Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA

2017  “LIGHT UP Therapy Resort”, PSA Emerging Curators Project, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

2017  “40 Pest Street”, Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, USA

2017  “How to Squeeze 8 Days Inside 1 Week”, curated by Francesco Bonami, JNBY, Beijing, China

2017  “To Be an Image Maker”, Jimei Arles International Photo Festival, Jimei Citizen Center, Xiamen, China

2017  “Tall Non-Fat Raspberry White Mocha Latte”, Investment Projects, New York, USA

2017  “Photo Shanghai”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China

2017  “Being Information”, SSSTART EXHIBITION, Shanghai, China

2017  “All-Day Breakfast”, First Canada Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2017  “Drive-thru”, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2017  “Beat the System Like a Dead Horse”, Museum Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

2017  “All happens after sunset…”, MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China

2016  “Trembling Surface”, Long March,Beijing, China

2016  “Annals of Floating Island”, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hongkong, China

2016  “Warehouse Story V”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

2016  “Broken Machine”, Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn, USA 

2016  “Miller Time”, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2016  “Action – Chang Lichi Collection Exhibition”, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China

2016  “Reknown”, NYU Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015  “The Real Thing”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2015  “Emerging Digital Artists Award screening”, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

2015  “Feature Art Fair”, Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre, Toronto, Canada

2015  “Retina of the Unconscious”, The Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, New York, USA

2015  “Moving Image Programme”, OCAT Museum, Shanghai, China

2015  “West Bund Art & Design 2015”, Vanguard Gallery, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China

2015  “Photo Shanghai”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China

2015  “Remainder; Us for never forever for the first and the last month”, Space Baptist, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2015  “Household Goods and Gift Items”, Utopia Parkway, Queens, New York, USA

2015  “Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-2015”, Vancouver, Canada

2015  “Nightstand”, Galerie de La Rotonde de Stalingrad, Paris, France

2014  “Begin from Chaos”, Inna Contemporary Art Space, Hangzhou, China

2014  “Boxes: Lost in Circulation”, Flushing Town Hall, Queens, USA

2014  “Reflecting on Olana”, Catwalk Institute, Catskill, USA

2014  “Pingyao International Photography Festival”, Ancient City of Pingyao, China

2014  “Somewhere Else”, DeKalb Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, USA

2014  “I Like Fluorescent Light (I Love the Sun)”, 80 WSE Gallery, New York, USA

2013  “DUMBO Arts Festival Exhibition”, 85 Washington Street Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

2013  “Proof 20”, Gallery 44, Toronto, Canada

2013  “Stony Brook University Philosophy and the Arts Conference Exhibition”, The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, New York, USA

2013  “NYU First Year MFA Exhibition”, Rosenberg Gallery, New York, USA

2013  “Art/Work”, Coohaus Art, New York, USA

2012  “LOSING GROUND: Experimental Video shorts from Canada’s West Coast”, VIVO Media Arts

2012  “BMO1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition Exhibition”, Museum of  Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada

2012  “ANIMATION AUTOMATION”, Khyber Arts Centre, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, Canada

2012  “Urban Art Exhibition”, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada

2012  “I Flux”, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2012  “So Crazy It Just Might Work”, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “Square Pegs IV”, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, Canada

2011  “Summer Live: time-based video program”, Vancouver 125, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “A Furtive Conundrum: Practicing the Furtive”, 1612 Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “BYOB Vancouver”, Drop Out Video Arts, W2 Storyeum, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “I Could Be Wrong”, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “Counter Mapping, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival”, Roundhouse, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “Signal & Noise X Media Art Festival”, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “The Sci-Fi Show”, Gam Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “TRADE”, 221A Artist Run Centre, off-site exhibition at Center A, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “For the Moment”, W2 Community Media Arts, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “EVEN”, 221A Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, Canada


Music Performances

2021  “Human Whale Songs: Recordings from the Deep Throat”, Katydid Records · Vancouver · January, Vancouver Media Arts Committee

2018  “Ultima Thule album release”, Yve YANG, New York, USA

2017  “Home Audio”, Brooklyn, USA

2015  “Muted Portraits”, Trans-Pecos, Queens, USA

2014  “COMA (Citizens Ontological Music Agenda)”, ABC No Rio, New York, USA

2014  “Siwen Saodi”, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, US

2014  “ launching party”, Litmus Space, Brooklyn, USA

2014  “All-Nighters opening performance”, 41 Hester St, New York, USA

2014  “Contra-Rotations closing performances”, Ran Tea House, Brooklyn, USA

2014  “I Like Fluorescent Light (I Love the Sun) music performance”, 80 WSE Gallery, New York, USA

2011  “Fake Jazz Wednesdays final concert”, Astoria, Vancouver, Canada

2011  “Art: It’s in You to Give”, Lion’s Den Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “Not Sent Letters & Guest”, BLIM, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “Fake Jazz Wednesdays”, Astoria, Vancouver, Canada

2010  “Slab 4: Sound & Noise”, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada

Awards and Honors

2021   Award of Prix de la Fondation Choi pour l’art contemporain

2018-2020   Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant, Canada

2017   Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant, Canada

2017   Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant, Canada

2015   Equitable Bank Emerging Digital Artists Award finalist, Canada

2014   New York Foundation for the Arts Artist Mentoring Program, USA

2014   The Art Gallery of York University Artists’ Book of the Moment  shortlist, Canada

2013   Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship, USA

2013   British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship, Canada

2013   New York University MFA Artistic Practice Award, USA

2012   May and Samuel Rudin Foundation Multimedia Technology Scholarship, USA

2012   NYU Steinhardt Friends of Art Scholarship, USA

2012   Orange Corporation Annual Award in Visual Arts, Canada

2012   BMO 1st Art Invitational Student Art Competition winner for British Columbia, Canada

2012   Simon Fraser University Service Award in Contemporary Arts (Spring), Canada

2011   Takao Tanabe Award in Visual Arts, Canada

2011   Bice Caple Awards, Canada

2011   Simon Fraser University President’s & Dean’s Honor Roll (Fall), Canada

2011   Simon Fraser University Service Award in Contemporary Arts (Summer), Canada

2010   British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship, Canada

2010   Bice Caple Awards, Canada

2010   Simon Fraser University Service Award in Contemporary Arts (Spring, Summer), Canada

2010   Simon Fraser University Golden Key Outstanding Member Award, Canada

2010   Simon Fraser University Dean’s Honor Roll (Spring), Canada



2019   Offshore Artist-in-Residency, Dinawan Island, Malaysia

2019   Klondike Institute of Art and Culture, Dawson, Canada

2018   Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation Artist Residency, Jiulong Village, China

2016   Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station, Lake Ariel, USA

2015   The Thicket, Darien, USA

2014   CATWALK Institute, Catskill Mountains, USA

2013   Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, USA