Vanguard gallery

Hsu Che-Yu

Single Copy,video,21’08”,2019





Casting a Pair of Breasts,Print onto cotton canvas,130 x 1180 cm,2012



My Sister Fell into the Drain,Print onto cotton canvas,74 x 74 cm,2015






Mirroring Selfie,Print onto cotton canvas,143 x 120cm,2015



Hsu Che-yu "No News from Home", Video, 10’ 10’’, 2016

No News from Home, Video, 10’ 10’’, 2016







Hsu Che-yu "Microphone Test", Video loop, Dimensional variable, 2015

Microphone Test, Video loop, Dimensional variable, 2015, Video still







Hsu Che-Yu "November 11th", Video, 8’01”, 2012

November 11th, 1970, Video, 8’01”, 2012, Video still








Hsu Che-Yu "Perfect Suspect", 5 Videos, 5'20'', 2011

Perfect Suspect, 5 Videos, 5’20”, 2011









The Black Dahlia a003, Print onto cotton canvas, 60×60cm, 2012