Vanguard gallery

Chen Xingye


The paintings of Chen Xingye reveal his fascination towards apes, creatures that have mirror effect for human beings. The artist uses contemporary expression to describe his imagination for the primeval age as a modern man, but also for the future. The exaggerated muscular body is undoubtedly the totem of primitive power. Is there same connection between the primeval age and present under the illusion of power? “Ape” is just the object of imagination, thus these imagined images reflect our self-examination and the balance between ourselves and present environment, reality and nihility, past and future.

Flow   Color ink, toner, fluid acrylic, invisible luminous ink on paper | 427.5×114 cm | 2021


New Erode   Colored ink on paper | 113.5 × 252.5 cm | 2020

Hunger: The Sound of the Crowd   Color ink, toner on paper | 56 x 76.5 cm | 2021


Blinded   Colored ink on paper, toner | 200 x 131cm | 2018


Fear Of Hand   Colored ink on paper, toner | 200 x 131cm | 2019


The Depressed Beauty   Ink on paper | 101x 67 cm | 2017